Trump Goes On Sunday Morning Rant, Appears To Lose His Cool After Another Accusation Emerges Against Kavanaugh

He seems worried.

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It’s Sunday, which means that our extremely pious Commander in Chief is seated firmly in the front pew of the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church in Washingt– oh, he’s not? He’s tweeting again? Oh, okay, well let’s just get straight to it, then.

Sorry, it had to start with something at least a little humorous, because Trump’s latest tirade is so offensive that it’s hard to imagine he even slept last night, let alone waited so long to post it this morning. Accusations against Justice Brett Kavanaugh which surfaced during his confirmation hearing are back in the news after allegations turned out to be true that the Republican-controlled Senate’s FBI investigation of Kavanaugh was a sham as it regarded the case of Deborah Ramirez, another classmate who accused Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her at a party years ago.

You could tell he was eager to fire off his missive since he misspelled a pretty common word that he himself uses with some regularity:


That’s right, the President seems to have forgotten the spelling for “libel,” a word I can quickly find half a dozen instances of in his Twitter timeline, seemingly all related to how he wishes that libel laws in America allowed him to sue the press for saying things he doesn’t like.

Because Kavanaugh is his appointee, Trump is forced to defend him against any and all accusations, lest he is regarded as a bad judge of character, and so after the New York Times broke an investigative report late last night that essentially blew Kavanaugh’s denials out of the water, Trump was triggered. This morning he began with this:

Now, that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but then nothing really does from him.

After the misspelled follow-up tweet, Trump re-posted a corrected version:

This one makes little sense either, as it seems to imply that a department in the executive branch — the DOJ — should somehow intervene on behalf of the judicial branch — Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS — in order to… stop newspapers from printing stories? We’re not terribly sure. There are two big takeaways from this second tweet, however.

Number one, Trump doesn’t seem to be worried that Kavanaugh will (justifiably) be impeached from the bench for both illegal conduct in the past and lying under oath during his confirmation hearings. That suggests Trump has already been assured by the Senate Majority Leader and the Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, McConnell and Graham, that Kavanaugh will be shielded from repercussions.

But number two, Trump also apparently believes that he has good judgment when it comes to bringing lawsuits against people. This is not the case. Trump has lost literally thousands of lawsuits that he himself has mounted.

Either way, even if we know Trump isn’t, it’s a pretty sure bet that Brett Kavanaugh is praying on this fine Sunday morning.

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