Trump Campaign Appears To Be Taking Photos Of People Of Color To Photoshop MAGA Hats Onto Them

This is downright pathetic!

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Donald Trump desperately wants to be seen as someone who’s not racist while simultaneously continuing to actually be one of the most racist douchebags ever known to man. He’s constantly peddling the claim that he’s the “least racist person you’ll ever meet,” yet his rhetoric and behavior persistently betray that assertion.

And now that the 2020 election, in which he’s vying hard for another 4-year term, is right around the corner, he’s really getting desperate when it comes to perpetuating that “I’m not actually a racist” image — so much so that his campaign is actually photoshopping MAGA hats on images of unsuspecting people of color.

Now, Donald’s favorite go-to when it comes to “proving” that he’s not a white supremacist is the age-old, “I can’t be racist, I have a black friend!” It’s why he’s literally been known to refer to a person of color as “my African American.” He doesn’t see them as human beings. He merely sees them as pawns — objects he can use to ultimately make himself look better.


That’s the same exact approach that they’re taking when it comes to their campaign, as well.

Don’t think for a second that Trump will actually be implementing any policies meant to help the black community — he’s literally not even willing to lie long enough to make the false claim during his campaign. He just wants you to believe that black people like him.

And considering that not very many of them do — they’ve taken to stealing personal images from black individuals to make it look like they do.

Rykard Jenkins, a UK man who’s best known for his appearance on the UK’s Love Island woke up recently to find that he was suddenly famous for being a Trump supporter — the problem is, he’s not.

A photo of Jenkins had gone viral on social media featuring him donning a red Trump 2020 hat. However, in the original photo of the reality TV star, Jenkins was wearing a red hat that was promoting the FXB brand.

Jenkins ultimately had a pretty decent sense of humor about the whole ordeal (because when he’s not actually your president you can get away with laughing at it) and ended up using the attention the debacle garnered to campaign for signatures to a petition to stop the slaughtering of whales and dolphins in the Faroe Islands.

However, many social media users over here on the other side of the pond who are subjected to Donald’s daily fuckery had a bit more to say about the matter:

Moral of the story here — don’t be a sleazy, pathetic dickbag who has to steal personal images from people who give zero fucks about you in an attempt to make yourself look as though you’re not actually a racist, sleazy, pathetic dickbag.

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery

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