Trump Fuming After One Of His Supporters Begs Him Not To Fire Mueller During Ad On Fox News

This may be the only way to get through to Donald Trump.

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At this point in his presidency, Donald Trump has been the subject of so many attempts to gauge what will “get through” to him he’s like a social experiment gone awry — like a kid with a chronic tendency to end up in the principal’s office that no teacher or counselor can communicate with.

His advisers have attempted to ascertain what makes the President tick, and his legal team has faced much of the same difficulty in wrangling Trump’s behavior. Even his chief of staff has considered taking his phone away so he will stop tweeting things that only seem to dig the hole he’s in deeper and deeper.

But one tried and true way to get the President’s attention is to say something to him on television. Specifically, say something during an airing of his favorite program, Fox and Friends. The daily broadcast has become a staple for Trump, with hosts Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt, and that one brown-haired guy who’s not Steve Doocy delivering a dose of brown-nosing that one might think a person would pay extra for.


That’s exactly what the “Swamp Accountability Project,” a pro-Trump political action committee, is hoping for.

They’ve produced a 30-second ad about something that the President just may not want to hear, but by placing it on the air during Fox and Friends, they hope to get Trump’s attention in a way that advisers, lawyers, and even family members have so far been unable to do.

The group bills itself as “supportive of Trump’s pledge to drain the swamp,” and officially they don’t believe that the President committed any crime during the campaign, although his recent admission that he’d been lying about his son’s Trump Tower meeting in June of 2016 may have come after the ad was filmed.

Nevertheless, they hope to see Trump move away from his attacks on the Special Counsel and on Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, sensing that simply letting them do their jobs will prove far more useful to Trump in the end if he truly is innocent. And the angle of the ad speaks directly to Trump’s vanity:

Mr. President, I voted for you in 2016 because I wanted to make America great again. After 8 years of President Obama’s weak leadership, I was ready for a tough leader. Now, I hear you’re thinking of firing Bob Mueller or the deputy attorney general. It makes you look weak, petty, and impotent to us Trump supporters. We don’t want somebody that’s weak, petty, or impotent. That’s why we voted for you, instead of those other guys. Don’t fire Mueller or the deputy AG. Just focus on making America great again.”

Watch the spot below, and you can decide whether you think Trump will get the message:

We’re pretty sure Donald’s furious.

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