Trump Explodes With Joy When He Sees Putin At WWI Ceremony, This Is So Disturbing

This is a major warning sign.

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Donald Trump had already disgraced Veterans enough by calling off his visit to honor the U.S. military because of a little rain yesterday. Unfortunately, even as the weekend comes to an end, the president continues to disgust everyone with his behavior.

In a passive-aggressive move, Trump arrived separately from other world leaders to the solemn ceremony in Paris earlier today, which was to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the end of World War I. Trump also had a very, VERY disturbing reaction when he saw his partner in crime, Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Considering that 18 million lives were lost in World War I, any reasonable person would think it was highly inappropriate to smile at this ceremony. However, that didn’t stop Trump from getting giddy at the sight of his BFF Putin. Observe the expressions of other world leaders compared to Trump in this photo:


While some may not think this is a big deal, it should be noted that Trump’s gross mouth doesn’t make genuine smiles like this often. In fact, he doesn’t even look at his wife, First Lady Melania Trump, like this. This should set off red flags to anyone who sees this unsettling photo.

That wasn’t the only concerning moment, though. Footage was captured of Trump and Putin greeting each other at the ceremony, which led to another eyebrow-raising exchange of evil energy.

Our fallen heroes and the brave men and women who continue to fight for our country deserve to be respected and honored – and Trump clearly doesn’t know how to do that.

Featured image via screen capture

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