Kellyanne Unravels As She Defends Using Edited Video To Make Reporter Look Bad

Conway should be fired on the spot for this.

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America has never been more disappointed in its president and his dysfunctional administration. After Donald Trump got into a disgraceful fight with CNN reporter Jim Acosta (and many others) just a few days ago, the White House made it even worse by sharing a reportedly edited video to make it look as though Acosta had assaulted a White House intern. Now the White House is having to defend itself, adding to the disgust Americans already feel for the Trump administration.

Earlier today, Trump mouthpiece Kellyanne Conway went on Fox News to defend the White House’s doctored video, and gave a completely disturbing justification. When Fox host host Chris Wallace asked Conway why the White House had tweeted the “clearly altered” video, Conway said this:

What do you mean by edited or — as others are saying — ‘doctored’ video? He put his hands on her and grabbed the mic back or he did not — and he clearly did.”

In a move that we’re seeing more and more from Fox News, Wallace disagreed and defended Acosta:


No! He clearly did [keep the mic] but the video was altered and there are experts who have looked at it to make it look speeded up.”

This is how Conway justified it:

But that’s not altered. That’s sped up. They do it all the time in sports to see if there’s actually a first down or a touchdown. So I have to disagree with the, I think, overwrought description of this video being doctored as if we put somebody else’s arm in there.

He should have apologized to that young aide. You have to show respect to the White House, to the presidency, the president. And I think what Acosta did was very unfair to the rest of the press corps.”

Clearly, Conway has never watched an NFL instant replay in her life, because she would have known that touchdowns are NOT sped up — they’re actually slowed down! But either way, justifying what the White House did — framing a member of the free press — is absolutely disgusting and to have Conway minimize what the Trump administration did to an instant replay is one of her most despicable justifications yet. Watch Conway crash and burn below:

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