Republicans Who Lost In Midterms Turn On Trump, Rip Him Apart On Twitter

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Donald Trump disappointed the Republican Party terribly in the midterm election, although to be fair they should have seen it coming just from how disastrous and self-centered Trump’s rallies were whenever he had to campaign for a fellow GOPer. Even after many Republicans lost, Trump continued to deny any part in it, stating that many conservatives would have lost if only they had been more aligned with him.

This has pissed a lot of conservatives off and now that the midterms are over, some Republicans have stopped giving a f*ck. Two Republican congressmen in particular have taken to trashing Trump after their losses.

Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-FL), who lost his seat to a Democrat, has been tearing Trump to shreds on Twitter and has even gone after the president’s idiotic stance on climate change. Curbelo blasted Trump for not embracing climate change, and for suggesting he might have won if he’d been “more aligned” with the president:


Actually they’re being caused at least in part by this thing called #ClimateChange. Remember I told you about how it’s also causing the #SeaLevelRise threatening #SoFla

So yesterday @realDonaldTrump stated that had I been more aligned with him, I may have won. Let’s check. I lost #FL26 49-51. My colleague @RepDeSantis who is closely aligned with the Pres lost 46-53.

Ryan Costello, another Republican from a suburban Philadelphia district, has also mocked the president by telling the truth about ballot-counting. He also stated he was in support of protecting Special Counsel Robert Mueller and went after one of Trump’s white nationalist supporters:

What we’re seeing here is the GOP dividing further and having a true identity crisis — and it has never looked better. Trump is disgusting Republicans left and right, and after the midterms, it was clear that America is losing faith in the GOP.

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