President Obama Just Released A Veteran’s Day Statement That Makes Trump Look Like An Ass

This is what a real President looks like.

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On Sunday, former President Barack Obama once again reminded America what it was like to see the normal, natural statements of someone who has the temperament to lead a country when he sent out a Veterans’ Day message via his Twitter account that drew a sharp contrast with all of the criticism that Donald Trump has been getting for his inappropriate behavior while he’s visiting France for the 100th Anniversary memorial of Armistice Day.

Trump has committed blunder after blunder in Paris, skipping a solemn event while complaining about weather, sending out tweets attacking his own citizens in California simply because he doesn’t like the Democrats who run the state, and avoiding contact with other world leaders in general at the surrounding ceremonies at the summit-like meeting of nations in France.

Obama, however, unburdened by the responsibilities of acting like a grown-up while the world watches, continued to do so anyway:


And it’s a fact: There is no tribute that can match the sacrifice of those who gave all for their country, especially those who died on foreign soil, never to see their families again or even come back home. But the rest of Obama’s statement should serve as a lesson for the current commander-in-chief — namely in the aspects of being an American that our soldiers have fought to defend for the entirety of American history.

Featured image via Department of Defense

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