Trump Does A Rally In Mississippi, Compares His Looks To Elvis Presley As The King Rolls Over In His Grave

My jaw just dropped.

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Donald Trump still hasn’t recovered from the disappointment of the midterm elections. After refusing to accept that he was the reason behind so many Republican losses in the midterms, the President of the United States was crazier than ever tonight as he ignored his failures in front of crowds in Tupelo, Mississippi.

While Trump’s behavior today — which included fear-mongering about the caravan on Twitter this morning and openly attacking Special Counsel Robert Mueller — was disturbing enough, Trump ended the day with a bang. More erratic than he’s ever been, the president showed everyone just how far removed from reality he was when he compared himself favorably to Elvis Presley.

Speaking to the crowd at the birthplace of the King of Rock and Roll, Trump said to his deranged fans:


Other than the blonde hair, when I was growing up they said I looked like Elvis…I always considered that a great compliment.”

You have to see this to actually believe it:

The sad thing is, Trump does actually think he’s The King (and Elvis is probably turning in his grave right now). Trump expects to be worshipped, and for his power to go unchallenged and unchecked, as we routinely see in his unhinged behavior.

Regardless, let’s just say that Trump’s little “joke” didn’t go over too well:

Featured image via screen capture

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