New Report About Trump’s Approval Rating Just Released, Who Saw This Coming?

Things are changing — fast.

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At this point in Donald Trump’s presidency, it’s hard to imagine that things could possibly get any worse as the country descends into chaos while Trump continues to golf and praise himself on Twitter. But things HAVE actually gotten worse — much worse — and it’s finally worse for Trump than it is for the country.

According to the latest survey from Gallup, Trump’s approval rating has taken a sharp dive, as it was reported on Monday. It turns out, the sh*tty job Trump is doing is finally catching up with him at record speed because his disapproval rating has shot up to 60 percent — up significantly from his results right before midterm elections when his disapproval rating was at 54 percent. And while Trump likes to brag about how he’s doing with jobs, Americans aren’t fooled anymore. Trump’s job performance approval rating also dipped and is now only 38 percent, on its way to returning to his all-time low of 35 percent.

Things couldn’t be worse for Trump right now — despite all the bragging Trump did after midterm elections, the result is his worst approval rating to date!


The reactions to this have been mixed. Some people are thrilled that the majority of the country is finally waking up to how horrible Trump is. And some are depressed and shocked that the number of Americans disapproving of Trump isn’t way higher. Here are just some of the reactions:

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