Melania Decorates The White House For Christmas, Accidentally Makes Herself Look Like A Fool

She did NOT mean to do this!

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Melania Trump is not even half the First Lady that Michelle Obama was. Mrs. Obama is regarded by many as the most engaged, involved, and accomplished FLOTUS we’ve ever had, and Melania hasn’t even tried to fill her shoes. That couldn’t have been more apparent than in how Melania exposed herself as a failure when she promoted her Christmas decorations earlier today.

The Trump administration is currently trying hard to hide the doom and gloom that has permeated the White House since Donald Trump walked in, and Melania introduced this year’s Christmas theme as “America’s Treasures,” celebrating patriotism with red, white, and blue ornaments to honor the “unique heritage of America.” To announce the Christmas season, Melania posted several photos to her Twitter account and released a statement:

This is a joyous time of year when we decorate the White House for the Christmas Season. Our theme honors the heart and spirit of the American people. Thank you to the many volunteers and staff who worked hard to decorate the halls of the People’s House in Christmas cheer. On behalf of my family, we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”


Calling the White House the “People’s House” is laughable when the President and his administration has been so racist, but that’s not even the most embarrassing part of this. In one of Melania’s tweets, she showcased some of her Christmas decorations, which included references to her son Baron Trump’s love of soccer and her “Be Best” campaign.

That’s right — there are several decorations like tree ornaments and weird pencil wreaths that say “Be Best” on them — even though most of us have forgotten that Melania was even working on that campaign. The First Lady has barely promoted her campaign and has abandoned it several times, clearly resenting her role as FLOTUS and struggling with her husband’s crippling scandals and erratic behavior.

What Melania has accidentally done is remind us how badly she is failing, and how she has accomplished nothing in the last two years. You can view Melania’s weird “Be Best” decorations below:

Featured image via screen capture

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