Image Released Of Trump Shows What He Was Doing The Exact Moment Children Were Being Gassed At The Border

There is no more doubt: The man is a monster.

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When the pages of history are written, there’s little doubt that Donald Trump’s presidency will be regarded as a dark time in America — a time when supporters of the President applauded the misery of others, when a good swath of America took up active, cruel racism as almost a hobby, when all of the normalcy and protocol and diplomacy so carefully cultivated for the centuries before our 45th President was thrown out the window in favor of “winning,” no matter how small or brief the victory.

On November 25th, a bright dividing line was drawn between those who supported Donald Trump for political reasons and those who support his utter madness when reports and photos began to creep across social media and then the news of the United States Border Patrol — at Trump’s command — launching a chemical attack on the US border with Mexico. The noxious fumes from tear gas made their way well into the city of Tijuana, as pictures of screaming, sobbing toddlers in diapers frantically trying to escape the cloud were burned into our brains.

This is Donald Trump’s America.


Where the cable news calls a group of a few thousand asylum-seekers a “mass migration” — never mind the fact that if we let in ten thousand of them every year it would take more than 300 years to comprise one percent of today’s population of the United States.

Where we take at face value the claim that the refugees were “throwing rocks” — despite no evidence of it and what should be the common sense that mass-fumigating a sovereign border filled with babies, like so many insects to be exterminated, is not an appropriate response even if people were “throwing rocks.”

And perhaps most galling of all is that the tyrant at the top of this tower isn’t even on his throne as his minions carry out his legacy. Where has Trump been playing his fiddle while Rome burns?

At Mar-a-Lago, of course. Playing golf. Round after round funded by the taxpayers whose children will grow up to despise them for letting him get away with this. Growing fatter each day as he smiles and moves between the greens and his quarters at his winter castle.

In a great mood.

Featured image via screen capture

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