Trump Claimed There Were People Waiting Outside His Rally That Were “Soaking Wet” But Weather Report Was Sunny And No Rain

The dumbest lie of all.

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At Donald Trump’s rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina, held there just one day before a special election that could serve as a bellwether for what will certainly be a referendum election for his own office next November, it seems that nothing was off limits — no rhetoric too shameful to use, no insults too great to hurl, and nothing too insignificant to lie about.

It took almost no time whatsoever for the President to call Democratic candidate Dan McCready “disloyal” and drew a direct line between  McCready and the “sanctuary city” policy in effect in the area, calling on the case of an undocumented immigrant charged with first-degree rape [of an adult] and indecent liberties with a child who was released despite an ICE detainer to make his point. Of course, Trump did not mention that Oscar Pacheco-Leonardo had committed felony reentry into the United States, a crime that only ICE has the authority to charge him with, yet they did not do so — something that would have made the non-binding “detainer” request that ICE uses any time they find out someone in custody is undocumented irrelevant.

But through the fiery language and his constant hammering away at Democrats as haters of America, Trump had already set the table for an evening full of nonsense and lies with a statement that he made almost immediately as the rally began. CNN’s Brian Stelter and Betsy Klein, the former being chief media correspondent for the network and the latter its White House reporter, each recorded the President telling the most ridiculous lie he could have begun the evening with: One about the weather.


It really shouldn’t surprise anyone at this point that Trump would lie about the weather; we’ve only just seen what appears to be the end of his ranting about Hurricane Dorian hitting Alabama.

But he lied about what the weather was like there at the event, where presumably one could simply look outside:

In fairness, it’s entirely possible that Trump saw umbrellas outside being used as parasols. But the “soaking wet” part of it still makes it a purposeful lie — he thought he knew what he knew and embellished it as usual.

At a rally where Trump lied about the detention status of someone charged with a serious crime, lied about the Democratic Party itself, and used fudged facts and figures all night long, it’s ironic that his most nefarious lie of all — the one about how loved he is — would come in the form of another lie about the weather.

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