Former White House Official Says Trump Looked Almost “Sedated” At Campaign Rally

He's more than slipping. He's sundowning before our eyes.

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Trump’s rally last night in Fayetteville, North Carolina appeared to be a preview of what we might be able to expect from the President going forward whenever he’s been in a protracted public battle for a claim to correctness — in his most recent case, the errant warning he gave the people of Alabama two days after it was even remotely necessary about Hurricane Dorian — in which he emerges looking foolish.

It could be that he was simply exhausted, or perhaps that he’s finally taking the advice of his political aides, but the observations on last night’s CNN broadcast with Don Lemon made by former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci and another former presidential advisor under the most recent Bush administration Peter Wehner seem to indicate something more serious at work inside Donald Trump’s skull.

Scaramucci, speaking as someone who worked closely with this president, offered a contrast between Trump’s normal behavior and what was on display last night:


Look at what’s gone on over the last five or six weeks. Maybe you’re saying it can’t get any worse, but I predict it will. It will get a lot worse. He almost looks sedated tonight. I don’t know if you were watching the rally. I mean he looked sedated. He was using words that he typically doesn’t use. He was reading off the prompter. He’s got a loss of confidence going on — and he’s got a loss of personality at the same time. I’m not a psychologist, but I was around the campaign, and I was with the guy. You get a sense for a person’s personality.”

Wehner, who authored a piece in yesterday’s Atlantic about Trump’s mental health, was even more blunt:

With Donald Trump, there’s no bottom. This is like a car on a steep hill without brakes. It’s just going to accelerate and there’s not going to be a way to stop it.”

Watch the exchange between the three here:

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