Trump Was Met By Protesters At His Own Golf Course Calling For Him To Be Jailed

They're following you, Donnie!

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Donald Trump plays himself a lot of golf, folks. In fact, according to “Trump Golf Count,” he’s spent a staggering 215 days at a golf club since his inauguration — ultimately costing the American taxpayers somewhere around $190,000,000.

We’re not really sure why he does it — I can’t imagine it’s for the exercise, as he spends the majority of his time sitting on his fat ass in a golf cart. But perhaps it’s just to get a little sunshine. Maybe he’s doing some really top-secret presidential stuff out there on the links. Perhaps it’s just an attempt to funnel more cash into his failing resorts on the taxpayers’ dime. I really don’t have a good answer as to why.

But I can tell you this — if he’s heading to his golf club as some sort of respite from the multitude of people that hate his fucking guts, it’s really not working out well for him. Like, at all.


Because those people that hate his guts and protest him at every speech and rally they can don’t give a damn if they’re on his own property. They don’t care at all that he’s trying to get some much needed R&R. It makes no difference to them if he’s had a really, super long day and he just wants to relax on the links with some golf balls and his beloved Twitter account.

They have not a problem in the world with showing up there all the same. And show up they did.

Trump spent yesterday at his Virginia golf course where he was no doubt in search of some relaxation after canceling his Taliban meeting and all. But instead of seeing wide-open green pastures for him to cheat the day away in, he was met with protesters — all calling for his ass to resign and be thrown in jail.

The White Pool Report stated, “POTUS’ motorcade left Trump National Golf Club at 3:23 PM. Four protesters were at the entrance with signs of ‘Jail Trump’ and ‘Resign,’ among others, while a fifth joined shortly before his departure with two Trump Baby balloons.”

Take a look:

There’s nowhere to run, Trump. There is nowhere to hide.

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery 

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