Trump Challenges Death Toll In His Most Disgusting Tweet Yet, Americans Are Outraged

I can't believe I'm shocked again.

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It shouldn’t even be possible anymore to be surprised or disgusted at the behavior of Donald Trump, and yet every day he presents America with another opportunity to do just that. It’s almost as if he sits up at night trying to decide what will hurt vulnerable people the most, although it’s really nothing as sadistic as that — he simply doesn’t consider those he hurts, ever.

Look at his history: He never has.

Today, as the nation was waking up from two more days of mourning and watching the President forget to mourn, Trump sent the most egregiously cruel tweets he has yet sent in his time in the White House. I’ll stop teasing the intro now, and let you get to what has me furious this morning as well:


It’s hard to know where to begin with that, but I feel like I can essentially just leave those there for you to be horrified by, maybe to serve as a reminder why it’s imperative that he be removed from office as soon as possible.

It is, of course, ridiculous to assert that the official death toll from Puerto Rico is somehow attributable to the machinations of his political enemies, and yet here we are.

Welcome to Trump’s America. Is Puerto Rico even part of it?

Jake Tapper said it quickly, and probably best:

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