McCain Family Disgusted After Republicans Disrespect Him After His Passing, Use His Image In New Attack Ad

This is a new low for the GOP - and they should be punished for it at the voting booth.

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The Republican Party has just f*cked up big time by disrespecting an American hero, late Senator John McCain – not even a month after his death.

Proving that the GOP is in a truly desperate place and terrified of the midterm elections that are right around the corner, the National Republican Congressional Committee made a pathetic attempt to smear a Democrat – and used a video of McCain to boost their results.

To say that McCain’s family is pissed off and disgusted by this is an understatement. McCain’s family has railed against the GOP and called the move “unfortunate.” The video was used to attack Arizona Democratic nominee Amy Kirkpatrick and used footage of McCain from two years ago. In the video, McCain says:


Ann Kirkpatrick won’t oppose higher taxes, she won’t oppose more federal spending and she won’t oppose increased debts that slow economic growth,”

After that footage played, a narrator in the ad states, “In 2016, Senator McCain warned us… Arizona rejected Kirkpatrick before. It is time to do it again.”

McCain’s family has hit back with a stunning response, calling the NRCC out directly. The McCain family’s spokesperson, Julie Tarallo, said:

The McCain family believes it is unfortunate that the Senator’s image is being weaponized this election season. And they would hope there would be more respect, especially so soon after his passing.”

Things really should have stopped there, as it’s entirely obvious why the McCain family would be so upset about this. However, the Republican Party is vile as ever, and the NRCC is actually defending itself and showing zero remorse for disrespecting the family during this sensitive time of mourning.

In response, the NRCC defended their ad and said that it “speaks for itself.” Absolutely heartless – that’s exactly what the GOP has become over the last few years. Clearly, the NRCC recognizes that Trump has ruined the party’s chances of doing well in the midterms so now they are exploiting the death of McCain to get more attention. This is a new low for the GOP, and they should be punished for it at the voting booth.

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