White House Aides Shocked After Trump Cracks Joke In The Middle Of Medal Of Honor Ceremony

Trump is a vile person for doing this. Another event ruined!

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Donald Trump got a lot of backlash for making September 11th all about him instead of honoring the victims, survivors, and first responders the way he should have. And yet, he has not learned his lesson at all.

On Wednesday, the president was back at it again, using an event that was supposed to be for honoring Congressional of Medal Honor winners (which is ONLY the highest military honor you can get in the United States) to make a joke about his ego. It was a disgusting display that left his entire administration stunned and feeling embarrassed to work for such a self-absorbed moron.

Trump started off his speech with an attempt to praise the 33 Medal of Honor recipients for their strength. He called the medal “the supreme symbol of American courage.” Then came the very inappropriate joke:


It is the ultimate tribute to American valor. You are the strongest, the bravest and the finest among us. See? My ego’s not that big. I admit it!”

Coming from a man who dodged the draft with a made-up excuse about “bone spurs,” Trump’s words certainly hold no real meaning. All those in attendance could do was awkwardly laugh at the president’s terrible joke, but we all know it was far from being funny. And of course, Trump also made sure to lie about how much he respects veterans — which is laughable because Trump has actually screwed veterans over quite a bit during his presidency. Trump said:

We are loving our veterans, I think honestly, even more than before. We respect them so much. There is a whole different spirit over our country. We respect our veterans more than we have ever respected our veterans. We are working so hard on that.”

There was probably a collective eye roll in the room when he said that. And that “different spirit” Trump mentioned? It’s probably darkness and dread for what this country has become thanks to Trump.

Unfortunately, Trump has a habit of ruining serious honorary events by either praising himself, saying something extremely inappropriate, derailing, or exploiting it to push his agenda forward. No one has actually felt like they were being “honored” when receiving their awards, because Trump always finds a way to ruin ceremonies like this.

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