Trump Breaks Away From G20 Summit Meeting To Comment On Democratic Debates, Sounds Terrified

He just couldn't hold it in any longer!

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Donald Trump is currently in Japan, making a complete ass out of himself at this year’s G20 Summit. So far, he’s shit-talked world leaders before even landing in the country, properly kissed Putin’s ass when he joked about election interference with him, suddenly forgot about handshakes, and snubbed Spain’s Prime Minister.

Considering how well last year’s Summit went for the Trumpster though, we can’t really say that we’re all that surprised.

However, what sets this year’s event apart from the last is the fact that the 2020 election year is impending, meaning that the Democratic debates went down over the last two days whilst Trump was either en route to or just landing in Japan. And while he gave some half-assed promise on Twitter that he wouldn’t be commenting on them due to his busy schedule, he obviously couldn’t stand to keep his mouth shut.


He sent a tweet or two during the debates because he just wouldn’t be the Donald Trump we’ve all grown to know and hate if he didn’t. But the event has seemed to prevent him from actually, physically open his mouth. And we all know he was just absolutely itching to.

And when he finally did nab a moment, it was just as ignorant and idiotic as we all expected. If there’s one thing you can say for the man, his stupidity is certainly consistent.

When sitting down for a moment with reporters, Trump jumped on the opportunity to finally give his opinion on the Democratic debates.

“You know I’ve been watching the debates a little bit in between meetings and I wasn’t impressed,” Donald stated. He then went on to claim that the Democratic Party is now turning into the Socialist Party. Even going so far as to claim that he’s heard rumors of a formal name change.

He just couldn’t stand letting the American people think for even a moment that he was being mature about something.

You can watch the clip here:

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