Video Footage Showed Trump Running Off Stage At Previous Summit With World Leaders, Could Be Heard Telling Staff “Get Me Out Of Here”

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Trump is bad at Summits. Let’s just get that out of the way.

When Donald Trump attended the G20 Summit, he made a complete ass out of himself in true Trump fashion. Honestly, these days, we wouldn’t expect anything less from him. And considering he yelled at reporters for questioning him about Putin before he even left the US and spent the first-morning shit-talking world leaders before he even made it to the Summit — well, he didn’t let us down.

Considering that Donald absolutely destroyed even a shred of a chance at some decency at this year’s Summit, and he’s gearing up to do so yet again at this year’s G-7 Summit in France, we thought this would be the perfect time to remind you that this is far from the first time that Donnie boy has completely ruined an annual gathering such as this and left making sure that the rest of the world knows just how ignorant he really is — and unfortunately, by mere association, how fucked our country truly is.


Last year in Argentina, Trump effectively humiliated himself, the GOP, and America as a whole, when he was caught on camera, ruining a photo op at the end of the G20 Summit.

In the video from last year’s event, you can see Donald, who was actually scheduled to pose for final photos after the G20 wrapped up, shaking hands with Argentinian president Mauricio Macri. But then, completely out of nowhere, he just hauled ass off the stage. You can see Marci attempting to catch him with his hand outstretched. But Donald was out of there — leaving the Argentinian president alone on the massive stage, looking quite bewildered at the situation as an aide tried to run Donald down and bring him back to the stage.

As if that weren’t enough, once Donald made it off the stage he was recorded off-camera telling an aide to “get me out of here.” After what we can imagine was some serious persuasion from his aides, Trump reluctantly made his way back to the stage and posed for a few photos with other world leaders.

But of course, the embarrassment still lingers to this day and serves as a reminder of what a disgrace our POTUS truly is.

You can watch the footage here:

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery 

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