Trump Appears To Be Losing Hannity’s Support After Insider Claims Fox News Host Privately Admitted Whistleblower Allegations Are Really Bad

This is not good news for Donald!

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Donald Trump has spent his entire presidency leaning hard on the likes of Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity at his virtually state-run media outlet, Fox News — depending on them to be his staunchest supporters in the face of legitimate outlets such as the Washington Post and the New York Times who dare to print the real truth about our “president.”

And while Fox has recently begun to stumble in their blind reporting of Trump — things like slipping up and reporting his true dismal poll numbers rather than the fake ones that Donald wants them to peddle — they’ve certainly jumped back on the Trump Train in the wake of his impeachment inquiry after he found himself busted in the biggest presidential scandal in history.

But it seems that blind support offered by Donald’s most beloved network only exists on air.


According to a new report from Vanity Fair’s Gabriel Sherman, one of Donald’s biggest public supporters, Sean Hannity, isn’t so confident in the president behind closed doors.

Sherman’s report read,

Meanwhile, Trump’s biggest booster seems to be having doubts of his own. This morning, Sean Hannity told friends the whistle-blower’s allegations are ‘really bad,’ a person briefed on Hannity’s conversations told me. (Hannity did not respond to a request for comment). And according to four sources, Fox Corp CEO Lachlan Murdoch is already thinking about how to position the network for a post-Trump future. A person close to Lachlan told me that Fox News has been the highest-rated cable network for seventeen years, and ‘the success has never depended on any one administration.’ (A Fox Corp spokesperson declined to comment.)”

Now it’s important to note here that while the Fox News Network is certainly supportive of Trump, Hannity specifically is a Trump sycophant for the ages.

He’s perhaps Donald’s staunchest supporter of them all in the media and the pair have been known to chat on the phone on a personal level almost nightly.

So, if Sean Hannity is worried — Donald Trump is positively fucked.

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