Two Prominent Republican Governors Have Now Come Forward And Backed Impeachment Inquiry

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If you thought only Democrats were on board for the impeachment inquiry — other than newly-independent Justin Amash, who left the Republican Party — we’ve got some welcome and surprising news for you.

In what feels like the political equivalent of electroshock therapy, we’ve just learned that not all elected Republicans in America are in lockstep support of the corrupt, treasonous, morally destitute President at the head of their party. And no, we’re not talking about Mitt “Deeply troubled, but not enough to do anything about it” Romney.

I guess it’s sort of close, though: Governor Charlie Baker of Massachusetts, the same state Romney was once governor of, has come out in favor of the impeachment inquiry. Baker is a Republican. He joins Vermont Governor Phil Scott, who was the first GOP state leader to publicly support the inquiry with an announcement on Thursday.


The particulars of these two specific politicians registering their support couldn’t be better for the appearance of bipartisanship in the push to remove Trump from office — each is a Republican governor in a state with two liberal Senators, and in each, one of those Senators is considered to be to the left of the national party, and both running for the presidency. Massachusetts has Democrat Elizabeth Warren and Vermont has Independent-as-Democrat Bernie Sanders.

The fact that Republican governors of states represented by such liberal Senators support the impeachment is a sign that moderates and independents do or soon will as well.

In Scott’s statement on Thursday, he told a CNN affiliate:

So I think this is, these are serious allegations we need to — we need to make sure that we do the fact finding and figure out what exactly did happen.”

Later that same day, Baker joined his Republican colleague, telling reporters:

Based on the stuff that I’ve read it’s a deeply disturbing situation and circumstance and I think the proper role and responsibility for Congress at this point is to investigate it and get to the bottom of it.”

By all accounts, it looks like support nationwide for impeaching Trump is picking up speed and intensity. When national public polling crosses the fifty percent threshold, it’s likely that even some Republican Senators will begin to come across the aisle.

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