Horrified Trump Supporter Loses His Mind After Finding Out POTUS Destroyed His Insurance

This was a very harsh dose of reality.

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Thanks to the very disappointing, horrific way Donald Trump’s presidency is going, Trump voters are coming to their senses just over halfway through Trump’s first term. They’re tired of being let down time and time again as their president humiliates the country, and they’re bitter about the many promises their president has broken — not to mention the never-ending investigations and scandals that follow the president everywhere he goes.

Trump voters have begun to express their apologies and regrets publicly, further adding to Trump’s downfall and humiliation. One notable post came from Trump supporter David Weissman, who has apologized to both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for not listening to their warnings about Trump. Weissman’s disgust for Trump actually became so powerful that he’s jumped on the #BlueWave and decided to support Democrats in order to prevent Trump from getting any further.

Unfortunately for The Donald, Weissman is far from the first to figure out he made a big mistake at the voting booth. Last year, a very angry Trump supporter got on CNN and railed against the man he voted for — because he realized that he was going to be one of the many people to lose health insurance thanks to Trump’s attack on Obamacare, which Kellyanne Conway and the White House have renewed just this week.


When host Don Lemon asked Trump voter and lifelong Republican Don Riscoe, “What will happen to that insurance if Obamacare is repealed?” no one was prepared for what happened next.

With tears in his eyes, Riscoe told America how his president failed him:

We probably won’t be insured. We won’t be insured if Obamacare goes away. We won’t be able to afford premiums. I know we can’t afford it; it’s over $1,000 a month. We wouldn’t be able to afford coverage without the Affordable Care Act.”

It’s hard to feel bad for Riscoe, who clearly was fine with nixing Obamacare until he figured out that HE was getting screwed, but we know that Trump’s policies are hard on everyone and no one deserves to be put in a position where they cannot afford to have healthcare. You can watch Riscoe voice his regrets below:

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