Trump Stops His Live Social Media Summit To Swat At A Fly “I Don’t Like Flies”

What is wrong with him?!

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On a good day, Donald Trump has the attention span of a 2-year-old. On a bad day, it’s more so that of a, well, house fly — which is perhaps why he gets so doggone frustrated with the damn things.

Trump is spending the majority of his afternoon holding a social media summit with nothing more than a bunch of conservative trolls — considering not even so much as one representative from the big, legitimate social media platforms, such as Google, Facebook, or Twitter were invited.

He made sure to surround himself with a room full of like-minded fuckwits that would all nod their heads in agreeance as he whined and pouted about how he’s so discriminated against and Twitter hates conservatives and the world is so mean to Donald Trump.


But the funny part is, that wasn’t even the funny part. Though, seriously, any time he straps on his diaper and kicks off a good old fashioned Donald Trump pity part is pretty hilarious. But I digress.

The funniest part of this whole ridiculous debacle was the fact that Trump couldn’t even stay focused on his bitching and moaning because of a housefly.

Yes. A housefly. A common albeit mild annoyance in houses, buildings, and outdoor areas across the world. But to Donald Trump, a housefly is a big damn deal.

So big, in fact, that he actually stopped his already laughable speech about the atrocities he’s experienced at the hands of a biased social media to yell about said housefly.

“How did a fly get into the White House!” Donald stopped to exclaim as he swatted around his face like an idiot. “I don’t like flies! I don’t like flies.”

To make matters that much more hilarious, this isn’t even the first time that Donald has gotten his knickers into a twist over one of these buzzing pests. It wasn’t too long ago that a CIA agent revealed that she has quite the time trying to get Trump to focus on a serious debriefing because he kept becoming distracted by a fly in the room.

And this is the man that’s got access to the big, red button, folks. Let’s just hope a housefly makes an appearance before he ever gets the chance to push it.

You can watch the clip here:

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