Watch As Trump’s Goons Get Into Fight With Members Of The Press On White House Lawn After POTUS’ Speech

What a mess!

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Donald Trump has been trying for weeks to add a racist citizenship question to the US Census questionnaire to no avail. Today, after multiple attempts at executive orders, threats against the Democrats if they don’t give him what they want, and more than a couple of missed shots in the Supreme Court, Trump caved.

But of course, Donald couldn’t let things just go down quite like that, with him looking like the loser that he truly his. There had to be some theatrics added to the party.

That’s why Trump’s half-wit conspiracy theorist goons conveniently got into what we can only imagine was a planned fight with real, legitimate journalists in the White House Rose Garden just mere moments after Trump took his leave.


Trump told a group of right-wing nuts there to discuss his 2020 campaign that they were welcome to join him in the Rose Garden should they wish. He wrapped up his press conference and took his leave with Attorney General Bill Barr and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross but the goons apparently got “in the faces of the media” as they were trying to leave.

PBS NewsHour reporter Courtney Norris noted that it was quite the “scene” and one video she managed to capture even shows former Trump aide Sebastian Gorka and Joy Villa yelling.

Of course, this little spat left the spotlight on some dumbasses making a fool out of themselves on White House property rather than everyone paying attention to the fact that Trump — the big, bad businessman — caved yet again. That’s precisely what Donald wanted.

It’s quite similar to the stunt he pulled today during his social media summit, in which he made a huge ordeal over cutting the live feed and throwing out the press, supposedly to make some sort of huge point known, yet actually announced on Twitter earlier today that he’d be doing just that.

I don’t suppose you can really blame him, though. Professional wrestling did give him his first taste of fame outside of wealth. If they can fake it, why can’t he?

You can watch the footage here:

Featured image via Twitter

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