Sources Reveal Recordings Of Ivanka And Jared From Inside The White House Exist, Exposing More Security Breaches

This is a White House not just in disarray, but chaos.

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No, we’re not quite done with the ongoing saga of Omarosa. Like Donald Trump’s tweet this morning, we would actually rather not be writing about her, but this is — surprisingly — pretty important stuff. It’s certainly not the fluff of reality television at this point, as we find out that a former aide in the White House has described her participation in Trump’s policies and explanations as “complicity” in deceiving Americans.

On top of that, the fact that Omarosa was able to furtively record Trump’s Chief of Staff, General John Kelly, inside the Situation Room — and we don’t mean Wolf Blitzer’s television studio set — shows a grave inattention to security that can scarcely be explained in any way other than sheer incompetence.

But as the days stretch on and Omarosa trickles out more and more info in anticipation of book sales that might make her feel a little bit better about the fact that she didn’t resign from Trump’s White House in the first place when she saw illegal or at least untoward things happening there, the revelations just get worse and worse.


The newest tidbit is that the former reality TV star (Omarosa, not Trump) has recordings of telephone conversations she had with the President’s daughter and her husband Jared Kushner. Those conversations are said to be consolations after she was fired by John Kelly, and that raises a couple of interesting possibilities, neither of which looks particularly flattering for Team Trump.

If Javanka, as they have come to be known, were calling Omarosa after she was fired and offering sympathy, then at the very least it proves the infighting and cattiness that the White House worked so hard to deny between Kelly and the rest of the team. After all, Jared and Ivanka at least said that they were blindsided by Omarosa’s firing, according to Manigault’s account in the book. That would indicate a level of non-communication in the West Wing that no one ever imagined.

On the other hand, they could be feigning ignorance of the firing, which would put them in the same camp as Donald a recording of whom surfaced yesterday pretending not to have known about the firing that he personally ordered.

And if I had three hands, on the last one I’d offer the possibility that Trump, Ivanka, and Jared really didn’t know anything about it, and that the White House is being operated entirely outside the control of the President of the United States.

No matter what, though, the fact that Omarosa — certainly not a trained spy or an undercover operative of any kind — was able to covertly record the President, a former General, and two White House advisers all inside the “most secure building in the world” is a terrifying prospect.

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