Peter Strzok Responds To His Firing From The FBI: “I have been fired for expressing my personal opinion in private texts about a dictator”

This is as all-American as it gets.

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The one thing that conservatives seem to worry about the most with “PC Culture” is the advent of some sort of “thought police” who will prevent them from expressing whatever their opinions are about people or policies or culture in general. Nothing ever has prevented them, of course. The phrase “PC Culture” is a thinly veiled complaint that it’s no longer acceptable to pat a woman’s backside at work or use racial slurs in “jokes” anymore. They can still do those things — they just suffer the consequences now.

But the thought police are now out in full force when it comes to what a person can say or do politically if it’s contrary to what Donald Trump wants.

Whether it’s calling unbiased, accurate reporting “fake news” and the reporters who deliver it “enemies of the people” or tearing people down publicly on his social media account — with more than 50 million followers — if they dare to criticize him, Donald Trump is a one-man thought police force.


His latest victim is former FBI agent Peter Strzok, a well-respected, professional, long-term employee of the federal government who consistently produced results and was excellent at his job.

But because Strzok expressed dislike for Donald Trump in private text messages with his girlfriend, and because Republicans were so desperate to help the President discredit the FBI during the Russia probe that they turned over those private texts for no reason to Congressional investigators, Trump began calling Strzok biased.

All of that culminated today in the firing of Peter Strzok, and Donald Trump couldn’t wait to take to Twitter to claim credit:

But now Strzok is speaking out, and his voice is just as strong as ever:

Peter Strzok is correct: Trump WILL be judged by history. And the reign of leaders who seek to stifle freedom of thought always comes to an end.

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