Source Close To The White House Reveals Details Of Trump’s Marriage To Melania, Believes Divorce Is In Their Future

The way things are going for him, I almost think a divorce would be a welcome distraction for Trump right now.

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It could be that Donald and Melania are more alike than they previously thought — but in a way that makes them incompatible, unfortunately.

Everyone has seen by now the old video of Donald Trump being interviewed by Charlie Rose more than 25 years ago, in which the future Chief Executive talks about how much he likes getting revenge on people. If not, it’s here, and it’s pretty stunning, actually.

Stunning, but not actually that surprising: Trump has always made it clear that retribution is a major factor in his life, and he continues to do so well into his presidency, even as recently as a few hours ago, when he crowed on social media about getting an FBI agent who thought he shouldn’t be president fired from his job.


But soft-spoken, demure Melania has never fit the archetype of someone cunning or ruthless, or certainly not on the same level as her husband. Or have we simply projected that onto her since she started wearing pastels and flying on Air Force One?

In former White House aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman’s upcoming memoir Unhinged, the one-time West Wing insider says that Melania can’t wait to divorce Donald Trump:

In my opinion, Melania is counting every minute until he is out of office and she can divorce him.”

Omarosa isn’t the first to claim such a thing, either. Michael Wolff, an author who was given unprecedented access to both the Trump campaign and the White House in the early days of Trump’s presidency, wrote in his book Fire and Fury that the First Couple didn’t even sleep in the same bedroom.

But even more scandalously, Manigault-Newman’s book claims that Melania uses her fashion choices to “punish” the President for his outlandish, unacceptable, often racist and sexist behavior. And there may be some merit to the claim: It was mere days after the infamous audio from the Access Hollywood tapes surfaced that Melania donned a “pussy bow” blouse to wear to a debate.

And more recently, although Trump attempted to ascribe meaning to it himself after the fact, most observers thought that Melania’s “I Don’t Really Care, Do U” jacket was a statement against her husband’s grotesque and cruel no-tolerance immigration policy:

But while “U” might not really care whether or not the First Lady is sending subliminal messages to the President with her choice of wardrobe, you can’t really deny…

You wouldn’t share a bedroom with that guy, either.

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