Source Reveals Barr Received Mueller’s Decision On Obstruction Charges 3 Weeks Before Report Was Released

Attorney General Bill Barr has known for weeks!

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Ever since Bill Barr’s summary of the Mueller report dropped over the weekend, the country and most members of the government have been left with far more questions than answers, and no one is able to ignore the fact that Barr’s conclusion of the report feels one-sided and biased, at best.

It’s no secret that Barr and members of his family have been in Donald Trump’s pocket for a while now, not to mention the hell Barr raised over the investigation when he first took the position as Attorney General. All of these clues have pointed to the fact that Barr was influenced by Trump from the very beginning. But as more and more details emerge surround the investigation and the report made by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, it seems clear that Barr was even deeper than we first believed.

According to a trusted source familiar with the meeting, Attorney General Bill Barr, as well as Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, were informed approximately three weeks ahead of the report’s release that Mueller, in fact, would not be reaching his own conclusion in regards to Trump’s accusation of obstruction of justice.


The sources stated that this information was “unexpected” and not what Barr had anticipated. However, it still gave the Attorney General a serious head start.

While the public and members of Congress and the House have been under the assumption that Bill Barr was notified of these findings at the same time we were, it has turned out that Barr has actually had nearly a month to determine his decision regarding an obstruction charge. Barr made it seem as though he were poring over the facts diligently all weekend when he’s actually known about Mueller’s conclusion — and most likely known what his own conclusion would be — for weeks.

It bears noting that Barr has been sneaky at best through this entire investigation and closure of this report. While the source stated that the meeting was “purely administrative,” we have no way of knowing what information AG Barr was given access to well before the public knew a damn thing about it.

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