GOP Strategist Gives Republicans A Brutal Reality Check, Warns Mueller Report Doesn’t Free Trump

Not so fast, GOP!

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The Republican Party may be celebrating just a little bit too early over Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report.

Earlier today, President Donald Trump sent out a premature celebratory tweet to his rabid fanbase as if he was announcing his innocence. On Twitter, the president gloated that there had been “no collusion, no obstruction, complete and total exoneration.”


Trump’s fellow Republicans have also sent out similar messages, tickled pink that it sounds like the president is off the hook — for now. Republican strategist Rick Tyler had a very different take on this, which he told to MSNBC earlier today. In an interview, Tyler stated that the conclusion of Mueller’s investigation is still going to haunt Trump. It won’t help him get re-elected, and might even be used against him. Warning the Republican Party to stay sharp, he said this to host Chris Jansing when he was asked about the report:

Nothing has changed and it will not change. By releasing the report, sorry Republicans, this is a Democratic ad maker’s dream.”

Tyler warned that the report had actually given the Democratic Party a good amount of ammunition to unleash on the Republican Party. He said that strategists were already trying to “get ahold” of the report:

Their ads that they will run up till 2020 will come from this report.”

That’s likely an angle that the GOP hadn’t thought of yet, and it will certainly put a damper on the gloating they’re doing right now. You can watch the interview below:

Trump is far from in the clear. This proves that the president has way more to worry about than Mueller’s report and that 2020 is going to be the end for him.

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