Lindsey Graham Gets Caught Up In Trump-Russia Dossier Scandal, POTUS Will Lose His Mind

Trump is going to have a fit!

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Over the last several days, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has been singing the praises of Donald Trump, in spite of the fact that Trump has relentlessly mocked and bullied Graham’s deceased, long-time friend, Senator John McCain for turning the Russia dossier into the FBI — ultimately only blandly telling CNN reporters that his late friend “deserved better” than Donald’s relentless attacks on his character and livelihood.

However, in the midst of Graham’s ass-kissing promotion of POTUS, he informed reporters this afternoon that he not only knew that McCain was in possession of the dossier that contained potential connections between Trump’s 2016 campaign and the Russian government — but he actually encouraged his friend to hand the documents over to the FBI:

“I told the President it was not John McCain,” Graham stated to reporters. “I know because John McCain showed me the dossier. And I told him the only thing I knew to do with it, it could be a bunch of garbage, it could be true, who knows? Turn it over to somebody whose job it is to find these things out and John McCain acted appropriately.”


When reporters questioned Lindsey further about the dossier, he claimed that McCain put it in a “safe” the day he received it and turned it over to the authorities the very next day.

Graham continued to say, “And I understand that, clearly people are in the McCain world that did some things inappropriate but it was not John McCain. John McCain did not give it to anybody in the press, he talked to me just as soon as he got it, and he turned it over to the FBI and that’s exactly what he should have done.”

Given that Graham has been such an advocate of Trump’s recently, and his lukewarm support of McCain against Donald’s attacks, this revelation certainly comes as a huge surprise. Trump has yet to make any comments in regards to Graham’s full disclosure of the events leading up to the dossier landing in the hands of the FBI — but we’re certain that when he does, it’s going to be the Twitter tantrum of the year.

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