Republican Party In Shambles After Conservative Trashes GOP For Enabling Trump In Scathing Column

This must be so humiliating for the Senate.

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Donald Trump’s f*ckups are now at such a level that Republicans are calling him out left and right, and even turning on their own party over the fact that the former reality television star was even elected and enabled during his presidency.

After a bombshell week in which Trump was said to have committed a felony by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin trashed the GOP in a scathing column for the Washington Post. Reacting to the most recent news that Trump wanted the Senate to approve “Fox & Friends” newsreader Heather Nauert to be his new U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Rubin let top Republicans have it over the president’s nonstop revolving door of incompetent appointees.

In her piece, Rubin begged GOPers to start doing their jobs and turn away Trump’s terrible nominees. Rubin wrote:


When Trump nominates Heather Nauert for ambassador to the United Nations — a woman who was until a year ago a Fox News personality and as a State Department spokesperson with zero experience in diplomacy — we can expect that, once more, the Republican-controlled Senate will issue its stamp of approval.”

This, of course, also came with a major Trump burn:

We shouldn’t be surprised that the least qualified president in history — with a long record of bankruptcies, refusal to pay his bills and schemes such as Trump University — should select unqualified and ethically challenged advisers and/or retain those whose ethical misdeeds and incompetence become apparent once in office.”

Despite how awful Trump is as POTUS, Rubin also put blame on the Republican Party for allowing such horrific picks through. She said:

However, we cannot blame Trump alone for lousy appointments and staffing the government with unfit characters. The Constitution provides a check on the president’s ability to put shady characters in positions of power. It’s the current Republican Party that rejects that role and decides its job description is to enable Trump’s worst instincts.”

And she wasn’t done yet. Rubin continued to blast the Senate for sitting back while Trump filled his administration with clowns:

Why is the Senate bringing and confirming candidates with questionable track records — on race or otherwise — to a vote on the floor?

If Senate Republicans started dinging just a few of the lousy nominees, the White House would get the message and be compelled to find more-qualified people. Senate Republicans would do themselves a favor (diminishing the perception they are invertebrates) and Trump a favor as well if they started saying ‘no’ once in a while.”

Rubin is exactly right. The GOP needs to start defying the president and setting some standards. Hopefully, they listen.

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