ABC News Panel Fact Checks Chris Christie Live On Air After He Defends Trump; The Look On His Face Is Priceless

What a beautiful moment.

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It is absolutely insane that even after Donald Trump has made the entire Republican Party look like a circus, that there are still many prominent conservative figures that will stand up for him even when their reputations would be saved if they’d distance themselves from the president. Chris Christie, the former governor of New Jersey, continues to learn this the hard way.

On “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” Christie got fact-checked in a live interview for defending Trump and he made a complete fool of himself. As the ABC News panel was talking about the future of Trump’s presidency and the possibility of indictment, Christie tried to defend the president when it came to his affairs and the hush money he had given to women. Christie said:

One other thing I want to point out about willfulness and intent. You know, I — I think what you’ll hear the president argue is that he — this is the first time that these women at this juncture threatened to go public about these alleged affairs, and that he wanted it to be kept quiet to avoid the embarrassment for himself and for his family. And there — there is no evidence at this point, that we know of, that they have threatened to go public any time before—”

Former FBI Special Agent and lawyer Asha Rangappa was also on the panel, and she couldn’t let this slide. Fact-checking Christie to his face during the live show, Rangappa gave Christie a brutal awakening, as if he’d been living under a rock this whole time. Rangappa said:


But they had gone public before. I mean, Stormy Daniels actually told her story to two different magazines and a blog, and she took a polygraph for them. So this has been out there as far back as 2011. So I think that that argument, I agree with the governor that that’s the argument that will be made but I think that it will be a very hard one to make and I think it’ll also be hard for the president to argue that he was trying to somehow protect his family and business when he has made it a part of his brand, really, to be a — you know, a womanizer who has affairs and leaves previous wives very publicly.

It doesn’t seem like this is something that he otherwise has ever tried to keep secret.”

Christie was pretty much speechless after that and struggled to find the words. Hopefully, Christie has learned his lesson about defending Trump now. You can watch Christie crash and burn below:

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