Sources Reveals No One Wants John Kelly’s Job After Multiple People Turn Down Offer, Spells Trouble For Trump

Trump is going to be left all alone!

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Donald Trump has the most empty administration we’ve ever seen. From the start, the president has had trouble filling positions and finding people who want to work for and be associated with him — but now that he has a proven track record for failure and reckless behavior, finding staff members has never been more difficult for the toxic POTUS.

Now that Trump’s Chief of Staff John Kelly is leaving the White House, the president is faced with having to replace one of his biggest White House roles — and no one wants the job. Not even Mike Pence’s Chief of Staff, Nike Ayers, is up for the task even though he was rumored to be the best and only option for Trump. The reason why Ayers is rejecting the job spells trouble for the president because it turns out that Ayers refused to commit to the position for two full years — and now he is leaving at the end of the year, too!

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins stated that Ayers wouldn’t commit to working for the remainder of Trump’s first term — signaling that many administration members don’t believe in the president and his future at all. Because Ayers and Trump couldn’t agree on a timeline, negotiations on the job didn’t work out. And now that Ayers rejected the job offer, the Trump administration doesn’t have a runner-up. Yesterday, Ayers announced his departure:


Thank you @realDonaldTrump, @VP, and my great colleagues for the honor to serve our Nation at The White House. I will be departing at the end of the year but will work with the #MAGA team to advance the cause.”

In the end, Trump only has himself to thank for this.

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