Prominent Physician Warned Trump About His Risk Of Heart Attack

Will he even MAKE it to 2020?

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After Donald Trump’s annual physical, there was no shortage of speculation that once again, the President had commissioned a doctor to say specifically what he wanted the public to think about the state of his physiological affairs.

That’s understandable, since Trump is clearly overweight, out of shape, and not on any sort of regimen that might change his well-being for the better — from his angry outbursts to his unhealthy diet, from the stress of constantly lying and having to maintain his various stories to the stress of being under more than a dozen simultaneous investigations, he’s on a fast track to something dire.

That’s why a doctor he should probably listen to has weighed in, and hopefully it will be a sobering warning for him — Former Vice President Dick Cheney’s cardiologist appeared on CNN’s Out Front with Erin Burnett, and the man who oversaw Cheney’s progress from heart disease to heart attack to an eventual heart transplant just 7 years ago says that Trump is riding that same train.


Burnett’s guest, Dr. Jonathan Reiner, told the host:

He’s not moving in the right direction. The president’s weight has gone up, his cholesterol really hasn’t gone down very much. We know that he has coronary disease, we know that from his CAT scan last year and he’s on a train going to a destination that he does not want to arrive at. If you don’t treat these risk factors, like high cholesterol, you don’t reduce elevated weight, and you don’t do exercise, you’re really increasing your risk of having a heart attack. I calculated the president’s risk of having a serious cardiovascular event, like a heart attack, over the next ten years, and it’s 17 percent.”

That, of course, is a very serious risk, and in fact, Dr. Reiner said that Trump is in danger of a “serious cardiovascular event.”

Watch the exchange between Burnett and Reiner here:

Between his failing health and the ongoing pressures in his life, it’s hard to imagine how Trump makes it to 2020 intact.

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