Insider Reveals Trump Allegedly Was Not Happy When Ivanka Converted To Judaism When She Married Jared

I wish I could say I'm surprised.

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It’s been more than clear to see over the last nearly three years that despite their best efforts to convey otherwise, things are not all peachy keen within the Trump family.

For someone that claims to want to create a dynasty from his offspring, Donald really has had quite a lot of beef with his kids — regularly dogging Don Jr.’s Fox News appearances, giving his youngest daughter Tiffany shit for her weight and his youngest son Barron for his height, and he was none too pleased with his princess Ivanka when he discovered that she and her husband were conducting government business (for government jobs that they shouldn’t even have) over their personal email and WhatsApp accounts — which is essentially the same damn thing he hammered Hillary Clinton for doing throughout his entire 2016 campaign.

But as it turns out, Ivanka’s means of communication isn’t the only thing that Donald has been miffed with his daughter over.


According to former Trump insider Vicky Ward, author of the tell-all book, Kushner, Inc.: Greed. Ambition. Corruption, Trump was more than a little unhappy when his little princess nose job ultimately ended up converting to Judaism before she tied the knot with Kushner.

Now, despite Trump’s constant assertion that he’s not an anti-semitic douchecanoe — he is, in fact, an anti-semitic douchecanoe. I mean, there’s proof. So, his reaction to his daughter’s decision to convert to a religion that he utterly despises isn’t really all that surprising.

In her book, Ward quotes Donald as saying to an associate, “Why should my daughter convert to marry anyone?”

The author also claims that Trump even at grief at the actual wedding — acting quite shocked at some of the religious traditions he witnessed, including women being given shawls to cover their shoulders and dancing being separated by gender.

Ward claims that Trump was very “reluctant” in accepting his daughter’s conversion, but ultimately found a way to stomach the union — obviously, considering Ivanka and Jared essentially run the shitshow that is his sorry excuse for a presidency these days.

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