Trump Appears Unsettled During Press Briefing, Goes On Rant About Iran: “We’re Very High On Ammunition Now”

Well this is just great.

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For Donald Trump, the United States, the country that he swore to protect, is little more than a play toy — and considering he was likely the kid that melted the little green army soldiers and fried ants with a magnifying glass, that’s not a good thing. He conducts bizarre and harmful experiments with it with absolutely no regard for the consequences because he’s nothing more than an overgrown spoiled ass toddler in a suit.

He proved as much today during an Oval Office briefing where he went off on yet another one of his ridiculous rants — this time regarding a potential war with Iran, which he evidently doesn’t give two fucks about because his play toy (the United States) has plenty of “ammunition.”

Trump told reporters gathered in the Oval Office, “I’m not concerned at all. We have military power the likes of which the world has never seen. I’m not concerned at all.”


Donald then proceeded to have a little storytime, telling reporters that an advisor of his had discouraged military retaliation against a country that he didn’t name due to a low supply of “ammunition.”

“I’m not blaming anybody,” Trump continued. “But that is what he told me. Because we were in a position where with a certain country, I won’t say which one, we may have had conflict. And he said to me, sir if you could delay it because we’re very low on ammunition. And I said you know what, general, I never want to hear that again from another general.”

“No president should ever, ever hear that statement, we’re low on ammunition. And we now have more ammunition, more missiles, more rockets, more tanks. We have more of in everything than we’ve had before,” he stated before moving taking a moment to express his admiration for the F-16 fighter jet.

Donald wrapped things up with, “So we are very high on ammunition now. That is a story I’ve never told before. Breaking news. But we were very low. I could even say it stronger. I don’t want to say no ammunition but that gets a lot closer.”

So, that’s great news, huh? The maniac with access to the big, red button is totally cool with instigating a war because we have lots of pew-pews. Fan-fucking-tastic.

You can watch the clip here:

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