New Ted Cruz Ad Brutally Makes Fun Of Him For Kissing Trump’s Ass

This is so brilliant, we wish we'd thought of it!

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Ted Cruz’s entire political campaign this year has become almost a parody of itself. From trying to mock his opponent and ending up looking hopelessly uncool to being forced to acknowledge that memes making fun of him are actually pretty funny, Ted looks as pathetic as any man running for the Senate has ever looked — and he’s the incumbent. The fact is, the race should be a runaway for Cruz in deep-red Texas, but polling shows that his opponent Beto O’Rourke has pulled even with him and even ahead in some polls.

But why does he look so pathetic? A political action committee called “Fire Ted Cruz” thinks they have a pretty good idea.

In an ad spot called “Is Ted Cruz ‘Tough as Texas’?” director Richard Linklater spotlights one problem that makes Ted look so weak. During the 2016 Republican primary, Donald Trump made offensive comment after comment about Senator Cruz, and Ted did absolutely nothing about it except kind of hit back a little in the media, trying to sound tough.


But now that he’s facing the fight of his political career, Ted is begging Trump to come to Texas and campaign for him. If that’s not the definition of weak, I don’t know what is. And the comments that Trump made weren’t just offensive — they were fightin’ words, if you’re “tough as Texas.” He insulted Cruz’ entire family, including his wife Heidi, which still confounds other conservatives to this day.

That’s what “Sonny Carl,” sitting in a Texas diner, is wondering about as the ad spot opens:

Somebody left something on my door the other day that said ‘Ted Cruz: Tough as Texas.’ [Laughs] I mean, come on. If somebody called my wife a dog, and said my daddy was in on the Kennedy assassination, I wouldn’t be kissin’ their ass.”

Then the commercial takes a hilarious turn:

You stick a finger in their chest and give ’em a few choice words. Or you drag their ass out by the woodshed and kick their ass, Ted. Come on, Ted.”

Frankly, this is probably the best political ad we’ve ever seen. We think you’ll agree:

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