Trump’s Kids Were Just Caught Humiliating POTUS In Public, Trump Will Melt Down Once He Sees This

This makes Trump look SO bad.

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Donald Trump might hate and want to boycott Nike after the brand made one of Trump’s enemies, NFL player Colin Kaepernick, the focal point of their new ad campaign. However, his family sure doesn’t feel the same. After attacking the brand and Kaepernick aggressively on and off of Twitter, the president has just been humiliated by his own family, as they were recently caught decked out and wearing Nike gear in public.

Earlier this week, Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner ran a race in Washington, D.C. and posed for photos with their son, Theodore, after completing the run. Posting the images on Instagram, many viewers were shocked to see that Ivanka’s son was sporting Nike shoes and socks.

If you look at the photos from the Army Ten-Miler that were posted to Ivanka’s page, you can see the toddler wearing his Nikes in the upper right photo.


But it gets even more embarrassing for Trump. Eric Trump’s wife Lara also appeared on Instagram, spotted working out in a pair of bright Nike sneakers:

To top it all off, Trump’s own wife, First Lady Melania Trump, was also seen wearing a pair of Nike-owned brand Converse sneakers while she was on her solo tour of Africa last week.

Let’s just say that the entire world is laughing at Trump now, because not even his family respects him.

Featured image via screen capture

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