National Security Expert Speaks Out, Describes Shocking Amount Of Evidence Linking Trump To Russia

This is just insane.

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Thanks to the New York Times report about the FBI launching an investigation to see if Donald Trump was acting as a Russian agent in the first few months of his presidency, The Donald is under far more scrutiny than ever before — even from Republicans.

Earlier today, conservative Washington Post columnist and national security expert Max Boot told CNN that there was a “bonkers” amount of evidence that Trump was a Russian asset, and stated that the president’s connection to Russia reads like a bad spy movie. Boot, who wrote a column titled “Here are 18 reasons Trump could be a Russian asset,” said:

This is like something out of ‘The Manchurian Candidate’ or ‘The Americans.’ This is the realm of spy fiction becoming reality. It would have seemed bonkers until Trump but it’s not bonkers anymore.”

Boot spoke about Trump’s “entangling financial relationship” with Russia, which included Trump’s plans to put a Trump Tower in Moscow and the fact that Trump can’t stop gloating and fawning over Russian President Vladimir Putin, even when it’s extremely damaging to the country. Boot said:


Donald Trump is like Don Rickles in the White House, he’s an insult machine. But he doesn’t insult Vladimir Putin. Even when Putin does something like expelling American diplomats, Donald Trump actually thanks him for that.”

Boot also warned that Trump is now “potentially open to blackmail.” Bringing up the fact that Trump was recently exposed for trying to hide the interpreter’s notes from his secretive one-on-one meeting with Putin in Helsinki, Boot remarked on Trump’s guilty behavior and said he could “not imagine an innocent explanation for that kind of behavior.”

Why on Earth would a U.S. President want to conceal his dealings with the Russian president from his own aides? That’s as fishy as you can get.”


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