Images Released Of Trump With Mysterious Bandages On His Hands Has Gone Viral, Americans Question His Health

What exactly is going on with him?

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If Donald Trump had ever had to face the kind of scrutiny that his political opponents have faced — think not just Hillary but also Bernie, not just Christie but also Cruz — rather than just arriving on the scene in 2015 as a media darling, the nation might be in a different place right now.

Now, I’m not saying that CNN or the New York Times elected Trump. I’m just saying that if the media had spent as much time covering the eating habits of a man who thought it was a good idea to buy a thousand “hamberders” for the winners of the college football national championship as they did cataloging the dietary habits of, say, a former Secretary of State (example subheading: She’s a drinker), maybe we wouldn’t have quite so many taco bowl and fried chicken memes — or a crazy person in the Oval Office.


So it’s up to the layman to sort out the details of what might be red flags about Donald Trump’s health, despite the fact that a picture of Hillary Clinton suffering from heat exhaustion in a full-on pantsuit in the dog days of summer caused speculation that she had everything from pneumonia to brain cancer.

What’s our favorite speculation about Trump today?

Band-aids. Not just a band-aid, one that’s clearly covering a bloody wound of some sort. I’m not as concerned about Hannity’s band-aid in that tweet — it’s probably just his vampire bite flaring up. But plenty of tweeters weighed in on the President’s, and the consensus seems to be that he’s had a fluid IV while out on a day trip.

There were more humorous takes, of course:

But the point is, President 238 Pounds has been notoriously secretive about his own health, and the media seems to simply leave it alone. And this is the real question:

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