Nancy Pelosi Just Brought Up The Impeachment Of Trump, This Should Scare POTUS

This should scare the president senseless.

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The Democrats have just recently taken the House, and already the word “impeachment” has been brought up multiple times. Trump knows he’s on thin ice, too, just judging from his recent behavior. The president has come completely unhinged due to the pressure and nonstop criticism, and what new Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi just said should terrify him.

While Pelosi’s position so far has been that the Democrats wouldn’t go out of their way to impeach Trump, she suggested that this might change depending on what Special Counsel Robert Mueller brings forward about the president. In an interview on CBS Sunday Morning, Pelosi said:

That would be depending on what comes forth from the special counsel’s office. If and when the time comes for impeachment, it will have to be something that has such a crescendo in a bipartisan way.”

Considering the fact that it already looks as though Mueller has something pretty substantial on the president, The Donald should be very worried about his future in the White House. This same sentiment was also echoed by the new chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff (D-28th District, California). On CNN’s State of the Union, he said Democrats would wait for Mueller’s feedback, and would then seek approval from the GOP to move on an impeachment. He said:


It has to be a bipartisan process. The Republican senators, some of them are not on board–then all you have is a failed impeachment, and I don’t see how that benefits the Congress.”

That’s also something that should terrify Trump, because even though Democrats are stating that they would ask Republicans to get on board with removing Trump, we all know that several GOPers would happily mobilize any effort to get Trump out of the White House. Trump has very few friends in government now, and it’s going to cost him.

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