Mexican Politician Climbed Border Wall To Show Just How Ineffective Trump’s Immigration Policy Is

I cannot wait until Trump responds to this.

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Now that he’s facing more criticism than ever due to his completely unnecessary government shutdown, Donald Trump is coming up with some of the most pathetic excuses to defend the funding of his border wall, even though it’s become widely known as an extremely ineffective, expensive, and racist proposal.

As Trump continues to spew more nonsense and lies about how his border wall will keep immigrants out, it’s worth remembering that in 2017, a Mexican politician actually climbed the fence between Mexicao and the United States to prove to Trump and his insane supporters that his border wall will not only be useless, but also “absurd.”

Nearly two years ago, Braulio Guerra, who represents the state of Querétaro, posted a video of himself on top of the wall and said it was “easy to climb the wall, but there are many dangers for our people. Human rights, principles and dignity are non-negotiable.”


And yet, despite the fact that experts warned that the building of Trump’s wall would damage the environment and put 111 endangered animal species in dire circumstances, the president still signed an executive order in January to try and jump start it.

Two years into Trump’s presidency and he is still crying for Mexico to build the wall (although the country still refuses) and is deaf to facts that back up Mr. Guerra’s statement that the wall is an “absurd and unnecessary waste.”

Now that Trump’s back is against the wall and he is facing a Democratic House of Representatives, he is threatening to extend his government shutdown for “months” and perhaps “years” if he cannot get funding. Meanwhile, Mr. Guerra has already proven to everyone that Trump’s wall will be meaningless.

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