Mueller Breaks His Silence On Russia Probe, Pushes Back Sentencing For Key Witness Due To “Ongoing Cooperation”

One major player is avoiding time as he continues to spill on Manafort.

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No one knows if the public is ever going to get the chance to lay eyes on the complete Mueller report as all of Trump’s goons keep blocking it at every turn.

But just because we’re not seeing it doesn’t mean it’s not trucking right along. The investigation continues to pile up as more information comes to light. And now Special Prosecutor Mueller is pushing back the sentencing of one of the key witnesses in the case.

It turns out that the former Trump campaign deputy chairman, Rick Gates, won’t be looking at any jail time at least for the next two months. Mueller has announced that Gates is not yet ready to be sentenced because he’s too instrumental to the case.


According to Mueller, Rick Gates continues to cooperate with “several ongoing investigations.” Gates was an indispensable key witness when it came to Manafort’s Eastern District of Virginia trial — and it seems as though his usefulness does not run out there. Special Prosecutor Mueller seems to believe that Gates could also have key information on Manafort’s lies in breach of a plea deal.

It’s clear that Mueller feels as though he hasn’t overturned every stone yet, and he’s not about to move forward with sentencing on a player that could help him nail this down once and for all. After all, Gates was Manafort’s former Inaugural Committee deputy chair. He certainly can’t risk tossing that information in a cell.

It looks as though Rick Gates is more than willing to be helpful in any way that he can, and Mueller intends to use that to dig deeper into Trump’s inauguration. As long as Gates continues to play nice and offer up the help that Mueller needs, chances are he’ll continue to avoid that sentencing — and possibly even end up sticking Manafort with even more charges.

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