After Muslims Are Killed In Terrorist Attack, Trump Is Busted Tweeting Then Deleting Link To Anti-Muslim Site

He's not fooling anyone!

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Trump has never gone out of his way to hide his disdain for pretty much anyone that’s not a white American. But he’s been extra determined to make his contempt regarding Muslims well known. Lest we all forget, one of his first orders of business as President was the Trump Muslim travel ban.

Donald has been tweeting and re-tweeting anti-Muslim shit since the days of his presidential campaign. And landing the gig didn’t seem to slow that down. Whether he’s doing so on purpose or is just too ignorant to pay attention to the things he’s spreading, at this point in the game Trump knows what he’s doing. The fact that he continues to blast out cryptic, anti-Muslim tweets and re-tweets the same things solidifies the fact that he agrees with the garbage.

Trump proved that he not only knows what he’s doing, but he knows it’s wrong, after the attack on a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand this morning that left at least 49 dead.


Trump (finally) tweeted out his generic condolences this morning — after which he quickly backtracked to delete a tweet that linked back to Breitbart News Network, a platform that’s well-known for their anti-Muslim views. While he only linked to Breitbart’s landing page, it’s not difficult to determine that he was, in fact, promoting the exclusive interview that he had with the network earlier in the week.

This is the very same interview where he basically sends out a thinly-veiled threat of violence to all of his non-supporters. Even Trump, in all of his unadulterated hatred and stupidity, knew that linking back to the Breitbart platform in the midst of this heartbreaking attack wasn’t going to make him look good.

So, it begs the questions — why’d he do it at all? Trump needs to understand that you don’t simply get to pick and choose the times you want to condemn an entire race or religion of people. He can dirty-delete tweets until the cows come home. But we all know where he stands, we all know what Breitbart stands for, and we all know that Trump is far from heartbroken over this atrocity. He can no longer hide his ugly.

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