As Millions Mourn The Deaths Of NZ Massacre, Trump Makes The Morning All About Himself During Pathetic Tweetstorm

This is absolutely despicable.

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If you weren’t already disgusted enough by the overnight events in New Zealand, in which an Islamophobic white supremacist and his associates murdered nearly 50 people in attacks on two large mosques, the news today that the killer’s 714-page manifesto directly cited Donald Trump and the rise of white nationalism around the world as his motivation surely didn’t help.

But if there’s one constant in America now — if there’s a single thing that citizens of this once-proud nation can count on every time there’s a tragedy like this — it’s that Trump himself will say or do something to make the entire situation infinitely worse.

Today, the way he did that was by barely mentioning the horrific events in New Zealand, failing to mention at all that it was a terrorist attack (let alone condemn the anti-Muslim rhetoric that led to it), and swiftly moving on to topics he thought were more important — namely, the “witch hunt.”


Trump went on a tirade filled with Fox News talking points and long-debunked nonsense, so it’s not like he was even pivoting from New Zealand’s deadliest shooting in nearly 30 years to give us new commentary or useful information — just revisiting his greatest hits:

Nothing is worse than listening to this crybaby wail about the Mueller probe, but watching him do it as millions around the globe join hands and hearts in support of New Zealand and against the hateful rhetoric that led to this attack just means he doesn’t care what harm he does.

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