Kellyanne Conway’s Job May Hang In The Balance After She Likes A Tweet Saying Biden/Harris Ticket Could Beat Trump

She's gonna regret that!

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Kellyanne Conway is a Trump lapdog of epic proportions. She parrots off his rhetoric like a good little puppy and no doubt goes home to a disgusted husband every night who most likely can’t figure out why he’s still married to her. But Donald has proven in the past, as he has with so many other members of his administration, that while he expects love, admiration, and loyalty from, well, everyone, he has absolutely no intention of returning those things. Even Kellyanne in all her Trump-ass-kissing glory has felt the sting of his ire on more than one occasion.

But generally speaking, he doesn’t threaten anyone’s job unless he feels as though they’ve crossed him — lest we forget that Kellyanne herself is still employed despite numerous Hatch Act violations and a recommendation of termination from the Office of the Special Counsel.

But once you’ve said something that Trump feels is a dig against him, it’s the highway for your behind. And after the tweet that Kellyanne dropped a like on today, chances are she’ll need to start packing her bags and grabbing a McDonald’s application because Donald is going to flip.


CNN contributor Tara Setmayer tweeted after last night’s round of Democratic debates that she believes a Kamala Harris and Joe Biden ticket would defeat Trump in 2020.

And the Twitter bot that follows White House member’s activities discovered that Kellyanne liked Setmayer’s tweet claiming that Trump could be defeated by a Harris/Biden ticket.

Of course, there is a chance that this was just an honest mistake on Kellyanne’s part. We’d find it hard to believe that she’s suddenly had a change of heart. But the fact of the business is, Donald Trump ain’t gonna give a damn. In his eyes, this was a stab in the back of epic proportions, intentional or not. She’s made him look back. And that’s the fastest way out of that White House.

Hope she enjoys flipping burgers.

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