People Of Japan Furious After Trump Pouted Like A Child And Wouldn’t Clap During Sumo Match

He's like a child.

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We write a lot about Donald Trump here at DC Tribune, and so we know a lot about him and honestly are forced to think about him far more often than we would like sometimes. We analyze, we speculate, we report — but sometimes all we have left to do is wonder what the hell is wrong with him.

Never do we do that more often than when Trump is out of town on business. Man, even just saying “on business” is scary, to be perfectly frank. Put simply, sending Trump overseas or even across the nearest border to conduct negotiations, trade, diplomacy, or just a short conversation with a fellow world leader fills us with a sense of dread.

That’s because Trump has made it his whole life without anyone taking him aside and telling him to shut the fuck up.


So when Trump headed to the G20 in Osaka, we weren’t just worried — we were worried he would do what he did last time he was in Japan.

A professional sumo match that the Trump took in during his last trip to Japan, at Ryōgoku Kokugikan Stadium in Mobara, about an hour east of the capital, was the setting for his latest disgrace. We’re sure you’ve seen pictures from the event, and maybe even had a chuckle at the video that’s been circulating of Trump needing assistance in hoisting the giant trophy to hand to the evening’s champion.

But as always, the devil is in the details, and the details, in this case, make Trump look even more like a narcissist than usual.

Anyone else would have gone and enjoyed the show, and simply followed along with the actions and reactions of the local crowd.

Not so for Donald. When news broke that he would be requiring his hosts to provide a chair for him ringside — rather than the traditional zabuton cushions the Japanese use to sit on the floor cross-legged — we knew he probably thought the match was only being held because he was coming.

Then, during the match, reporters noted that Trump did not clap or offer much by way of reaction to the bout — other than to impatiently cross his arms — despite the crowd’s obvious applause during the ceremonial salt-throwing, the swaying side to side, and of course the actual wrestling itself.

But Trump was obviously just thinking about the special trophy he planned on handing out at the end — you know, one with his own name on it.

It sucks that we can’t take our President anywhere. Let’s hope the G20 summit goes a lot better than the sumo outing, because all this did was piss off the Japanese. I’m surprised they let him back in the country.

Featured image via screen capture

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