Trump Humiliated Kellyanne Conway To Her Face When Journalist Asked For His Take On Cabinet Members

He was brutal!

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For Kellyanne Conway to be such an ass-sucking, Trump-loving sycophant, an excerpt from Alexander Nazaryan’s new book The Best People: Trump’s Cabinet and the Siege on Washington shows that Donald doesn’t share the love for his counselor.

In his book, Nazaryan describes an interview he conducted with the president in the Oval Office, in which Conway was present, and Trump humiliated and berated the woman as she sat there and said nothing with a smile on her face.

According to the excerpt, the journalist was there to get the president’s take on the performances of past and present members of his cabinet — where Trump read from a prewritten tip sheet containing compliments about the many members of his administration.


Donald stated that HUD Secretary Ben Carson “has done a very good job” and called Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, Energy Secretary Rick Perry and Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue “great.” But Nazaryan noted that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was left off the list.

“Some of the men and women Trump declined to mention had clearly fallen out of favor. He had, for example, utterly lost faith in Wilbur Ross, the commerce secretary (‘He’s just not tough,’ former chief political strategist Steve Bannon told me of Ross, lack of toughness being one of the worst sins in Trumpworld.) And he had little respect for Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who had only gotten the job because she was connected and rich,” the journalist wrote.

Perhaps most noteworthy, though, was the president’s assessment of Trump-champion Kellyanne Conway, who was sitting in on the interview as Donald called her out and chastised her for preventing him from interviewing with journalist Bob Woodward for his book on the Trump administration.

“Trump also became upset at senior adviser Kellyanne Conway, who was sitting in on the meeting, for apparently keeping Washington Post associate editor Bob Woodward from interviewing the president for his own book ‘Fear,’ which was also critical of Trump,” Nazaryan wrote in his book. “‘Kellyanne didn’t tell me he asked 10 times for a meeting. I wish she did,’ he said bitterly of Conway. ‘I’m sure it would have been a little bit of a different book.’ This obviously bothered him. ‘You should have told me,’ he went on. ‘Honestly, you should have told me.'”

The author went on, describing the vicious scolding, “Conway just sat there, taking it as she has doubtlessly taken it from the boss many times before. You couldn’t last in this administration unless you were willing to take it daily, take with a smile and a ‘yessir,’ take it even while knowing that much of the country loathed you, considered you complicit in one of the great political crimes in American history.”

It seems that no matter how much you kiss Trump’s ass, no one is safe from his scorn, ire, and tantrums if he feels like you’ve crossed him.

You can read more of Nazaryan’s excerpt on what Trump thinks of his cabinet members here.

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