Rudy Giuliani Jumps Ship, Is Leaving Trump’s Legal Team Amid Major Humiliation

He won't be missed!

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According to a new report from the conservative publication Washington Examiner, Rudy Giuliani has finally bit the dust — he will be leaving the Trump legal team.

Giuliani reportedly feels that he is no longer necessary after the release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia report, which conservatives believe vindicates the president and his administration. However, many people believe that Rudy caused far more harm than good while serving as a legal representative of the president.

During his time on the legal team,  Trump-champion Guiliani ended up becoming quite the laughingstock of the Trump administration due to his countless blunders. It seems that the president’s Twitter habits are beginning to rub off on the attorney, as just last week he was brutally mocked for some seriously bizarre tweets including a strange Yelp review and a completely illogical one that read, “ivesssapology for a video which is allegedly is a caricature of an otherwise halting speech pattern [SIC].”


In addition to his insane tweets, Rudy has been called out for attempting to create a conspiracy with Ukraine against Hunter Biden, former VP, and 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden’s son. Ukranian officials outright refused to even entertain Giuliani, who then attempted to switch gears to a conspiracy between Hunter and China. Both smears attempted by the lawyer were based off inaccurate and false information.

Rudy didn’t even stop there. After the release of the Mueller report, the lawyer threatened to sue the special counsel for $17 million and absolutely humiliated himself when he proved that he doesn’t even know how the law works by claiming that the president can’t have obstructed justice without an underlying crime — which ended in a plethora of legal experts discrediting his claim for days. Even Giuliani’s own former deputy chastised him, saying that his time at the SDNY should have led Rudy to know better.

Of course, Rudy released a statement of his own claiming that he was stepping down due to a “pretty busy” schedule, therefore he would no longer be defending the president on Fox News free of charge.

We would say we’re sorry to see him go, but who are we kidding? Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Rudy!

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