Kellyanne Conway Loses Her Sh*t During Interview When Reporter Asks Her Question About Trump She Doesn’t Like

It doesn't take much to get her in a tizzy!

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Donald Trump is planning a Fourth of July fiasco of epic proportions as we speak. He currently has officials blocking off a large portion of the Lincoln Memorial that will serve as a “VIP” area for his closest friends and family, he’s forced DC’s traditional fireworks display to relocate and hinder the view for thousands of locals and tourists, he’s demanded that tanks and fighter jets be present despite the potential cost and damage, and has pitched a fit until military chiefs agreed to flank his sides.

It’s really no wonder VoteVets are determined to ruin his ridiculous festivities by passing out thousands of shirts bearing the late Senator John McCain’s name.

Of course, Donald and his minions have been religiously defending his Independence Day debacle. But perhaps the most frazzled Trump stooge is none other than Kellyanne Conway.


It doesn’t take much to rile that woman up into a tizzy. And reporters did just that in the driveway of the White House when they questioned her over Donald’s absurd Fourth of July party. NBC News White House correspondent Peter Alexander asked the counselor to the president about Donald’s claim that his Fourth of July speech can “reach all Americans” while in the same breath claiming that the Democratic healthcare plan “is going to destroy the country.”

“The president just yesterday was asked if he could give a speech that would reach all Americans, and in his answer, he said, of the Democrats, that their health care plan would destroy the country,” Alexander began. “It didn’t seem to sort of give that sense of…”

“Well both are true at the same time,” Conway cut him off, adding “He actually, you’re not giving his whole response which is irresponsible of you.”

Alexander looked up the transcript and replied:

“The president was asked can you give a speech that will reach all Americans. ‘I think so, I think so,’ And then he said ‘I think I’ve reached most Americans, most Americans want no crime, most Americans want a strong military, they want a good education’…”

“Do you disagree with any of that?” Kellyanne interrupted again.

Alexander continued to read from Trump’s transcript where he was speaking on healthcare.

“Did the president say that, or did you just slip that in?” Conway interjected once more. “No no no, let America know that you’re slipping in your editorial comments, do not say you’re quoting the president of the United States and slipping in editorial comment.”

“I didn’t, in that moment, I was giving you an appositive parenthetical,” Alexander explained.

“I don’t think it’s your job to slip that in, but go ahead,” Conway fired back.

After more back and forth between the two, Conway resorted to whiny gaslighting tactics, accusing Alexander of throwing a “Molotov cocktail” at her.

“A Molotov cocktail?” Alexander question, incredulously. “Kellyanne, I asked you a question, the question is simple.”

“No the question’s not simple, the question is loaded, but I can handle it,” Conway complained and went back to parroting Donald’s claims about healthcare.

You can watch the clip here:

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